NAIP Membership

NAIP as you know is a technical arm, of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) founded in 1977, to provide a corporate umbrella and security to all it’s members. It’s membership is diverse and cuts across all manufacturers, marketers, distributors, consultancy and pharmaceutical publishing.

Membership of NAIP provides you with unique interactive exchange platform. It also gives guidelines and assistance to companies in diverse ways as well as offer information on recent developments in the pharmaceutical sub-sector and the entire health sector. Member Companies enjoy a strategic partnership and corporation with other ECOWAS countries to facilitate movement of pharmaceutical products across border.

NAIP offers it’s members a lot of benefits amongst which include Lectures and Seminars on topical issues, opportunity to partake in financial facilities, a professional body which enables it’s members to interact and network amongst themselves, training and re-training of Pharmacists, opportunity to attend International Conferences, re-branding of the Industry, assisting member companies to set good standards in production, quality control, Marketing etc. plans are also on ground to diverge our membership benefits to include setting a lobby group to help shape policies in the industry, a standardized Business academy, a joint industry action on faking, welfare of Pharmacists.


A company interested in membership applies by collecting application form, fills and returns them in duplicate
Application fee is = N 20,000. Intending members shall have been a member of PSN and duly registered by PCN
The management committee will conduct a quality audit visit to the company on a date convenient to the company and NAIP.

The company is officially accepted as a full member, if the report is communicated to the company, so that it rectifies all discrepancies as noted by the audit team. When the deficiencies have been rectified then a re-audit is conducted and the membership formalized. Annual Subscribers of the association is N 40,000


-Initiate and implement policies that empower members economically by fostering relationship with Banks and allied organizations.
-Training and re-training of members to build and improve on the core competence of the profession.
-Guide and assist members in setting good standards in areas of production, quality control, material sourcing, production process and Pharmaceutical marketing.
-Protection of member’s interest by liaising with relevant organs of government like NAFDAC, PCN, Customs, Police etc to avoid unnecessary bottleneck and harassment.
-Encourage and support members and potential members venturing into pharmaceutical consultancy, importation and distribution by offering relevant technical information and assistance.
-Liaise with internationally recognized Pharmaceutical manufacturers to the benefit of members.
-Dissemination of current information on International and local standards of pharmaceutical practice.
-Set up central intelligence and surveillance unit to check and reduce to the barest minimum fakes in the industries.
-Avail the members and the public in general updated information on the industry and pharmacare in general through the Pharma industry Journal.
-Provide a standard and updated Data on the Pharmaceutical industry in Nigeria.